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Corporate Law In Alberta

Corporate law within the country concerns the operation of corporations – as the name suggests. This can be established under federal or provincial authority.

The law slightly differs from province to province. Here we’re going to take you through a few points and discuss how we can help you in your business-related affairs and endeavors in Alberta.

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How Alberta Corporate Law Relates To: 

The Board Of Directors

Shareholders will elect directors at an annual meeting. Corporate law in Alberta will cover appointing a board of directors. This is an essential practice of any large firm, so a lot of fine detail will need to be analyzed and submitted before a genuine confirmation takes place. Those at the helm and those in important positions will need to ensure that they have the full legal backing and representation. The entire process will likely also need to be dealt with meticulously from a legal standpoint.

When the securities of a company are traded publicly, the company will have to elect a director individually, hold elections, disclose vital info, and notify the TSX if a director has received a majority. 

There are lots of moving parts to this aspect of business, and a corporate law firm will be able to walk any group through the legal proceedings. If this sounds a little confusing, then this is what we're here for. At Verhaeghe Law, we'll be able to walk you through each step. 

Board Structure

Directors will typically set their own methods and remuneration. They have a duty to not put their own interests first when creating this kind of ruling. There needs to be a genuine order to the structure of the business – many instances exist whereby decisions regarding remuneration are not fairly reached or concluded. Many directors' fees will be unusually high and many claims are filed. 

In order to deal with this kind of awkward situation and countless other examples pertaining to the structure of the board, a firm will likely consult a corporate law group that can ensure things come unstuck. Verhaeghe will have lawyers front and center, ready to untangle any messes that might make their way into this kind of situation. 

Shareholder Rights

Shareholder rights are another aspect that needs to be looked into and carefully worked on with a corporate lawyer as there are plenty of awkward parts that a firm must navigate through. Shareholders holding the same class should be treated equally. All shareholders have the right to vote and, thus, no voting ceilings should be allowed.

While some shareholders will not hold as many key facets as others, they still deserve to be treated properly with the same rights as the rest. As a corporate law firm that has dealt with this kind of discrepancy time and time again, we'll be able to talk to you about any issues that may crop up in this regard. It can be quite the minefield if you're not careful, so Verhaeghe will be on hand whenever awkward situations arise. Stakeholders can often feel aggrieved in many instances, we will ensure a smooth process takes place. 

Directors' Duties

Every director needs to behave in the right way while holding such a position of power. They have a duty of care regarding so many different facets. They must act honestly and in good faith with a view to the best interests of the corporation. They must also exercise the care, diligence, and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances. The director must comply with the Act relating to their duties.

Our corporate lawyers will be able to make sense of any wrongdoing if it should occur. They'll also be able to oversee a situation and ensure that it plays out sensibly with directors following their lawful duties as high-up members of the board. If you need this to be ironed out, then give Verhaeghe a call. 

Takeover Bids

Whenever a takeover happens, Canada will give shareholders no straightforward right to extinguish a frustrating measure. Ordinary directors' duties regarding conflicts of interest will apply, however. Rules governing takeover bids come from various sources: 

- Rules found in the provincial and territorial securities laws

- Provisions in the incorporating statutes.

- Special requirements of the listing exchange

Takeovers can be sticky in many different ways due to the complex nature and due to everything that is at stake. It's never a simple transition as there are so many parties and so many variables involved. If you ever find yourself in this situation and you don't even know where to begin, then you'll know who to get in touch with by now! Verhaeghe Law has been through this many, many times and will gladly accept the offer to take care of it. 

What Will Our Corporate Lawyer(s) Do?

We've mentioned that our lawyers will be on hand to work with you through specific business practices and significant events. We have specifically talked about what they'll bring, however. A corporate lawyer is someone that we'll be able to come in and slot seamlessly in as you work. Our corporate law team in Edmonton will do just that. Whether you own a small, medium, or large business, you can count on us to provide expert results. If it's just advice you're looking for, then that can be arranged, also.

Corporate law covers a multitude of different areas regarding one's business. It's more than just checking a few boxes and ensuring particular events run smoothly as there are so many fine details that our lawyers will need to go through. Here are a few specific things that our team will deal with: 

The Creation, Organization, And Dissolution

We'll be able to assist you in keeping everything organized and in check. We'll be able to follow the best practices with regard to the creation and dissolution of a business. We'll prevent issues you may encounter and will ensure that you can trade legally.


Labour and employment laws should obviously be taken seriously. Corporate law covers this aspect of business, too. Disputes between the company and employees/managers/unions should look to be concluded amicably and smoothly. This is where Verhaeghe will come in and mop up. We will help as you come to a conclusion that has the correct solution for everyone involved. 

Venture Capitalists 

This includes a range of responsibilities. We'll work alongside you as you do everyday corporate work and financing. We'll work with corporate agreements regarding venture capital. We'll draft agreements and protect the business from issues and underhanded tricks going forward. 

Mergers And Acquisitions

This is a significant part of corporate law as a lot of work is required when this kind of action takes place. It's a profitable task but one that comes with lots of complications and sticky patches. When you merge or acquire, you bring along lots of different variables that all need to go through the correct procedures. Luckily, our team is well-versed in this particular facet of corporate law. 

Project Financing

We'll provide advice for any business looking to begin project financing. This service is vital for guaranteeing those responsible pay on time and keep everything ticking over nicely. These kinds of projects can vary from construction to telecommunications.


Corporate securities ensure that a company follows the right instructions regarding reporting earnings, stock prices, and all kinds of different financial matters. Shareholders will need to be fully aware of this information. We'll assist you with these reports and flag anything that may have been missed – or anything that looks a little suspect. Wording disclosures properly can make all the difference, and we know that. We'll be able to help with this, too.

How Will A Corporate Lawyer Benefit Business?

Bringing in expert help obviously means you'll have an even more reinforced group on your side. We've mentioned an extensive list of areas that will require corporate lawyers, of course. With a pair of expert hands at your disposal, your company will not only be in a better place, but you'll have the confidence to push forward with your business goals. You'll also look a lot more attractive with the right firm behind you.

If you look to bring in a corporate law firm, then Verhaeghe would be the one for you. We'll provide attention to detail as any legal professional should. Our standards are extremely high, of course.

We also boast a vast knowledge of the legal world as a whole. Corporate law is a specialty, but it's by no means the only area that we know about. Analytical skills are something we're able to exhibit. We can store lots of valuable information and get to the bottom of many different issues by thinking outside the box. When it comes to legal disputes and finding the right approach, our lawyers will use every ounce of their problem-solving skills. 

Finally, you can rest assured that you'll be working with lawyers that communicate effectively and let you know exactly what's going on. In terms of both written and verbal communication, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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