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Immigrating to Canada

Let’s face facts, we live in a time of heightened national paranoia. As a result, amendments have been written making entry into a country, residency, and citizenship more difficult than any other time. If you live in, or wish to live in, Edmonton, AB and are seeking a Visa of any sort, wishing to become a naturalized citizen, or are facing deportation - Verhaeghe Law Office is the first call you should make. As there are many scenarios that bring people to immigrate or seek refuge elsewhere, we have worked diligently to be versed in all matters of the immigration law, Visa and residency processes. As these are very serious legal matters, they should not be dealt with alone. This is especially true because you can do irreversible damage to your ability to apply for any long-term entry into Canada again in the future.

Requirements For Entering Canada Legally

We provide Visa, permanent residence and naturalized citizenship assistance and many more legal services to those seeking entry into Edmonton, AB. Please contact us for more information, don’t face this alone.

In most cases, obtaining one aspect of entry into Canada is tied directly to another. For example, in procuring citizenship, you need to be a permanent resident, and to be a permanent resident, you most likely needed a Visa first, though being a foreign worker with a Visa does not automatically provide permanent residency. As you can see, this is a very complex subject, which is why we are happy to represent you.

Below is a very brief overview of the requirements for obtaining legal citizenship in Canada, from Canada.ca. Click through each link to read the important details of each step.

  1. Permanent Resident status - Get a PR Card for legally living in Canada as a citizen of another country.
  2. Time you have lived in Canada - 1095 days during the five years right before the date you sign your application
  3. Income tax filing - You must meet your personal income tax filing obligations in three tax years that are fully or partially within the five years right before the date you apply.
  4. Language skills -To become a citizen, you must show that you can speak and listen in one of Canada’s official languages: English or French.
  5. How well you know Canada -You’ll need to answer questions about Canada’s: values, history, symbols, and institutions.
  6. Prohibitions - If you have committed a crime in or out of Canada, you may not be eligible to apply for citizenship, depending on the status of the crime.

Learn More About Immigration Law

If you need assistance with, more information about, or legal representation for any of the following, please don’t wait to call. Time is extremely important in these matters.

  • diplomatic immunity
  • green card fraud
  • illegal aliens
  • refugee status
  • Visa rejections and renewals
  • naturalization proceedings
  • amnesty

Verhaeghe Law Office in Edmonton, AB can help you become a citizen of Canada, obtain Visas, and assist with deportation. Please contact us at (587) 410-2500 to discuss your best options.

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