How Can A Lawyer Help Me With My Estate Administration Matters?

How Can A Lawyer Help Me With My Estate Administration Matters?

Verhaeghe Law Office has assisted clients across Alberta with their Last Will & Testament as well as estate administration needs since the firm’s inception. Our Edmonton wills and estates lawyers are happy to assist Albertans with their legal needs as they pertain to estate administration matters. Call 587-410-2500 today to schedule a consultation with a wills and estates lawyer today. We recommend that you do not delay in contacting a lawyer on this topic to ensure you spare your loved one’s grief later down the road. Call Verhaeghe Law Office today as our team is on stand-by to assist you.

What is Estate Administration?

We recently wrote an article on what is estate administration which dives deeper into this topic. In a nutshell, the Estate Administration Act of Alberta governs estate administration matters and a lawyer can help ensure that the estate is administered legally. Most estate administration matters start with a process called probate where the estate executor applies to have the deceased persons’ last will and testament proven as valid as well as confirming the executor’s authority to administer the estate. Some of the things that may be required to administer an estate include but are not limited to funeral arrangements, identifying all property and assets as well as their beneficiaries and distribution of same as well as handling outstanding debts, payment and more.

How can a Wills & Estates Lawyer from Alberta Help Me?

Commencing with probate as well as the administering of the estate – a lawyer can help on a variety of matters. A lawyer can assist with obtaining court approval of the administration of the estate, preparing accounts (including estate accounts, guardianship account, etc.) for court and all other aspects in the estate administration process.

In instances where there was no will provided – a lawyer can also assist in various legal aspects of estate administration in addition to providing reliable legal guidance on administering high value and complex estates. Additional examples of how a lawyer can help include advice on investing trust funds and distribution of trust funds, moving trusts to different jurisdictions, paying off debts, distribution of assets to beneficiaries, closing down the trust or estate and more. Contact our law firm today to see how we can help on your estate administration matters.

Schedule a legal consultation with our Edmonton Wills & Estate Lawyers Now

While we have offices in Athabasca, Whitecourt and Edmonton – we can represent clients from surrounding areas with all their estate administration needs. Call 587-410-2500 today and schedule a legal consultation with our legal team regarding your estate administration needs. Spare your loved ones the opportunity for conflict down the road and finalize your estate administration needs with an Edmonton wills and estates lawyer sooner than later.

Disclaimer: Please note this article is intended to act as a general overview on a topic and does not constitute legal advice. Each situation requiring legal advice is unique and we recommend speaking with a wills and estates lawyer from Alberta for your estate administration needs.

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