Brain Injury Awareness: Impact, Recovery, and Legal Assistance in Edmonton

Brain Injury Awareness: Impact, Recovery, and Legal Assistance in Edmonton

A brain injury can profoundly impact an individual’s life, as well as their supporting family members. These injuries can seriously alter a person’s emotional and physical wellbeing - which could affect day-to-day activities in a temporary or permanent manner.

If you or someone you care about is suffering from a brain injury, you may want to consider seeking legal counsel. Our Edmonton personal injury lawyers be able to determine if you are entitled to compensation and help you file a claim. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

Causes and Types of Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can occur in many different ways, though they typically happen when the body endures a fast acceleration or deceleration of force. In Alberta, an acquired brain injury is defined as occurring after you are born, and is caused by an illness or injury (but is not an illness that gets worse with time like Alzheimer’s disease).

Many types of injuries can cause brain damage, including a blow to the head area, a lack of oxygen, whiplash, and more. Local damage occurs when only a few parts or just one section of the brain is hurt. When many areas of the brain suffer an injury, this is known as diffuse damage.

An overview of brain and spinal cord injuries makes clear that injuries can occur in many different situations. Common ones include motor vehicle accidents, slipping and falling, medical malpractice, a workplace incident, by almost drowning or suffocating, and much more. If it is found that your injury was caused due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

What Does Rehabilitation Look like for Survivors of Brain Injuries?

The recovery process for a brain injury will vary case to case, depending on which part of the brain is hurt and the severity of the injury. Along with immediate medical treatment, there may be prolonged medical attention needed for the brain to rehabilitate as fully as possible. This could include the monitoring of neurological symptoms, undergoing therapies, cognitive and physical rehabilitation, at-home care assistance, and other outpatient programs. You may also seek emotional and psychological support during this time.

Both the short-term and long-term management of a brain injury can be expensive. Depending on your case, you may consider reaching out to an Edmonton personal injury lawyer to seek compensation that could help cover these costs.

Compensation Available for Brain Injury Survivors

In Edmonton, your compensation options vary, depending on your injury’s cause and severity level. You may be entitled to file a personal injury claim if the accident in which you got injured was a result of the negligence or wrongdoing of another party.

If your brain injury occurred at work, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. In Alberta, you would file a claim with the Workers Compensation Board. If approved, you may be able to cover lost wages, rehabilitation, disability benefits, and other medical expenses.

If your injuries were sustained during a motor vehicle accident for which you are not at fault, then you could be covered under certain insurance policies. You may be eligible to receive compensation from an at-fault party or insurance company if liability is established through a lawsuit or settlement negotiation.

Contact Our Edmonton Personal Injury Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Dealing with a brain injury is difficult in many ways. You may be trying to heal, adapt to your new situation, and navigate new territory with family members - all while perhaps trying to seek legal justice.

At Verhaeghe Law Office, we understand how difficult and multifaceted this situation may be, which is why you should consider reaching out to our Edmonton personal injury lawyers. They may be able to help you navigate this complex area of the law. To book a free consultation, contact us today.

** Please note, this article is intended as a general overview on the subject of personal injury law, and is not intended to be legal advice. If you are seeking legal advice, please consult with an Alberta personal injury lawyer.



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